Scientific Program




1st Conference Day: Monday, July 2nd, 2018




Welcome Addresses


Keynote Speech

Prof. Angappa Gunasekaran, Dean, Business and Public Administration, California State University, Bakersfield, USA

Big Data Analytics in Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Certain

Investigations for Research and Applications


Coffee Break / Networking


Session I: Sustainable Supply Chains

Chair: Prof. Mahmut Ali Gökçe

Maher Agi, Oncu Hazir

Game Theoretic Analysis in Green Supply Chain Management: A Literature Review

Abbas Tavassoli, Anjali Awasthi

Benchmarking Sustainability Performance of Organizations Using a Multicriteria Approach with application to Canadian market

Mahmut Ali Gökçe, Gülsüm Özer

Demand Planning Optimization for Sustainability at Poultry Industry


Session II: Urban Logistics

Chair: Prof. Sana Berraf

Dimitrios Poulimenos, Ioannis Menexes, Elli Zoi Loukaridou Kizilia, Dimitrios Bechtsis and Dimitrios Vlachos

A swarm intelligence software tool for optimizing last-mile logistics in Green Supply Chains

Nadia Ndhaief, Olivier Bistorin, Nidhal Rezg

An improved approach for locating an Urban Distribution Center based on combined forward and reverse flows

Walid Behiri, Sana Berraf

Urban freight rail transport scheduling using passenger rail network: a

robust metaheuristic approach


Lunch Break / Networking


Session III: Sustainable Supply Chains for Perishables

Chair: Prof. Dimitrios Vlachos

Volha Yakavenka, Ioannis Mallidis, Eleftherios Iakovou

The Impact of Time on Design of Sustainable Supply Chain of Perishable Goods

Godwin Dan’Asabe Geyi

The impacts of agility and sustainability practices on organisational performance in the oil and supply chain

Stella Despoudi, Grammatoula Papaioannou, Samir Dani, George Saridakis

An exploration of the impact of Competitive Intensity on Collaboration and

Postharvest Food Loss


Session IV: Collaborative Supply Chains

Chair: Prof. Nidhal Rezg

Elisabeth Altmayer

Towards a research agenda in multi-tier, multinational supply chain management – Extension of the sustainability perspective

Hannah Santos, Gustavo Lannelongue, Javier González-Benito

Green Collaboration Practices in the Supply Chain and Performance: Evidence from Brazil Manufacturers

Sara Saberi

Pollution Reduction in a Sustainable Multiperiod Supply Chain Network

Model with Freight Carriers


Session V: Sustainability Performance

Chair: Prof. Yahaya Yusuf

T Dandutse, Y Yusuf, J W Guiver

A Review of the Role of Culture in Sustainability Implementation

Diego Vazquez-Brust, Lucila Campos

Mapping Lean Manufacturing Practices and Green Manufacturing Practices in Supply Chains

Maria Lampridi, Georgios Kougioumtzidis, Maria Anna Tousi, Evangelia-Anna Kalognomou, Dionysios Bochtis

Towards the Sustainability Assessment of Walnut Production in Greece

Aimilia Tsamagdoupi, Yiannis Nikolaidis, Ana Muriel

Cost Models for Remanufacturing vs. Manufacturing of Smartphones

2nd Conference Day: Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018




Keynote Speech:

Prof. Luk Van Wassenhove, Henry Ford Chaired Professorship in Manufacturing, INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France

Pushing the Boundaries of Traditional Operations Management


Coffee Break / Networking


Session VI: Green Supply Chain Modelling I

Chair: Prof. Hamid Allaoui

Talya Temizceri, Gizem Sagim, Hande Oztop, Ugur Eliiyi, Efthymia Staiou, Deniz Türsel Eliiyi

Timetabling of Bus Lines Via Discrete Event Simulation In Public Transportation.

Marvin May, Ana Muriel, Yiannis Nikolaidis

Analysis of Remanufacturing Suitability.

Dorsaf Daldoul, Anne-Marie Eeman, Issam Nouaouri, Lahcen Elhiki, Dominique Vanpee, Hanen Bouchriha, Hamid Allaoui

Simulation approach for an emergency department in Belgium hospital.


Session VII: Green Supply Chain Modelling II

Chair: TBD

Ankit Sharma

Study on Sustainable Logistics Network Design using Integrated System Dynamics Modeling

Shuvabrata Chakraborty

A system dynamics attempt to understand New Delhi’s air pollution


Shoaib Yousaf and Matloub Hussain

Empirical Investigation of Bullwhip Effect with Sensitivity Analysis in Supply Chain

Nicolas Danloup, Benoit Trouillet, Thomas Bourdeaud’Huy and Armand Toguyeni

Heuristics for a Vehicle Routing Problem in a port environment


Lunch Break / Networking


Session VIII: Green Supply Chains

Chair: Prof. Gilles Goncalves

Irina Makarova, Ksenia Shubenkova*, Vadim Mavrin, Eduard Mukhametdinov

Sustainable logistics’ role in the Fourth Industrial Revolution era

Gizem Sağım, Erdinç Öner

Evaluation of Third Party Logistics Service Provider Selection Criteria for Companies in Turkey

Cécilia Daquin, Gilles Goncalves, Hamid Allaoui, Tiente Hsu

Optimization of an industrial symbiosis: state of the art


Session IX: Research Projects on Green Supply Chain

Chair: Prof. Assimopoulou Andreana

George Perkoulidis, Nicolas Moussiopoulos, Sofia Bachtsevani

Recycling of CRT monitors in Greece: Current situation and prospects

Stavroula Katsantoni, Charisios Achillas, Dimitris Aidonis

Green Supply Chains in The Hotel Industry – The Case of Pieria, Greece

Andreanna Assimopoulou

PlantUp (Upgrading the Plant Capital)

Georgios Vasileiadis, Evangelia-Anna Kalognomou, Dimitrios Katikaridis, Ioannis Menexes, Vasileios Moisiadis, Georgios Banias, Dionysios Bochtis

Developing a Farm Management Information System in support of green

supply chain management



3rd Conference Day: Wednesday, July 4th, 2018


Visits to Industrial/Research Facilities


Departure from Grant Hotel Palace

Barba Stathis SA, Vivartia Group, Food Manufacturer Hellenic Institute of Transport


Lunch (optional not included in the fees)


Departure to Grand Hotel Palace