The Conference

Competitive enterprises are facing increasing challenges to balance business performance and economic gains with environmental issues. In an age of increasing regulatory legislation for energy conservation and waste management, consumer and civil society pressures, sustainability through green supply chains is not a fad but a new discipline for strategic competitiveness.

“Green Supply Chains” (GSC) refers to the way in which organizational innovations and policies in supply chain management may be considered in the context of the sustainable environment. GSC planning and management involves multiple objectives and tradeoffs including social, economic and environmental dimensions. Sustainability legislation, emergent consumer behavior and the complexity of global trade are altering design and management principles for supply chains. In this context, complex factors, such as minimization of carbon emission, treatment of reverse material and information flows, optimization of energy consumption, for example should be simultaneously considered over a product’s life cycle design and management of its supply chains.

Our objective in organizing GSC’2018 is to bring together scientists, managers, industrialists, policy-makers, and researchers to exchange ideas on GSC and provide innovative insights to resolve the problems that arise in the new context. We also aim to provide a favorable social environment so that lasting international collaborations can be developed. The conference provides an opportunity for the participants to present their current research, and discuss new areas worthy of investigation in each of the conference’s topic.

The conference will be organized as follows. The first two days will be devoted to oral presentations of regular papers. The third day will be devoted specifically for the discussion of “Sustainable Supply Chain” with companies. This day will provide examples of best practice, case studies and explanations of existing tools and frameworks as well as interactive sessions to debate these topics further and generate ideas.